Personalised Trick or Treat tote bag for kids, pumpkins, zombies, spiders | Halloween bag

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Personalise your Halloween bag and make trick or treat legendery! Cute personalised Trick or treat bag for kids with halloween icons printed. With your kids name printed across it, these bags are perfect for carrying their loot whilst tricking around town! Bag is fully personalised with halloween icons such as pumpkins and spiders.

This trick or treat bag is perfect for kids this Halloween season. This trick or treat bag is perfect for halloween time and day trips. Printed with various Halloween icons,

Each bag measures Approx. 41 x 37 cm

Soft touch Polyester with Long handles

Machine washablePink Positive Shop is dedicated to bringing joy people’s happy memories and special celebrations with personalised gifts. Pink Positive finds motivation in creating a thoughtful gift that someone will find beautiful, with the power to create a special moment between two people.