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Wedding Guest Books

Make your before and afters stylish. For lavishing brides, grooms and honeymooners-to-be, and for surprising bridesmaids and best men, maids of honour and groomsmen. Weddings
mean joy and love - and we pack our signature gifts full of both.

Personalised gift boxes and guest books, pocket mirrors and prints, cushions, socks and sleep wear. With Pink Positive behind you, your Mr and Mrs can be everywhere


We’re a close-knit team bound together by our love for the finely applied personal touch. We love being a part of people’s happy memories and special celebrations, together with brides, grooms and partners, parents, sons and daughters, good friends, new friends and “just friends”.

Share kindness with our positive gifts

Make a gift say exactly what you want it to. Personalise your own keepsakes or add a touch of heart in the gifts you give your loved ones. We’ll finish it off with the final destination in our thoughts.



Our uniquely personalised gift boxes are the perfect way to send a gift card message or package a special gift. A signature product for us, they have been adored by the countless people who left us five-star reviews


    Can’t find gifts and accessories with your wedding theme? Want to partner with us for an event? Looking to match your gifts to a colour scheme, gift wrap and all? You’ll find the answers to many of your questions on this site, but don’t hesitate to say hello if you want more details.