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It began with a dream hatched in a spare room in London — to make every day joyful with thoughtful gifts.

After an early burst of positive success, Rengin soon swapped out her side room space for a small London studio, which swiftly turned into a bigger West London studio with a small team of talented and positive thinking people, supported by ethical suppliers based nationwide.

Thousands of five star reviews and two small business awards later, Pink Positive is burning bright. We’re a part of people’s happy memories and special celebrations, together with brides, grooms and partners, parents, sons and daughters, good friends, new friends and “just friends”. 

We’re also sending out a growing number of branded gifts for small businesses and corporate teams.


We ourselves are a close-knit team who seek to bring the thoughtful, personal touch to everything we do, squeezing quality and joy into every gift and every order.

We are a multi-talented, multicultural team that creates a diverse, inspiring and supportive working place. Happiness, kindness and love aren’t just in our products, they’re a part of who we are. We are an all inclusive, anti-discriminative business and we will keep educating ourselves on anti-discrimination as a team.

We keep unnecessary packaging to a minimum. All of our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable *If any of our vendors use a plastic packing when we purchase, we reuse them in our own order packaging. We are committed to source our materials from local, small and ethical suppliers. Every order ships in 1-2 business days.


After two years of media experience after graduate, Rengin lived in the corporate world for 11 years, enjoying a marketing and communications management career within top global brands. After an overwhelming and stressful year at work, she decided to step out of the comfort zone and left her fancy corporate title to look after her mental wellbeing.

She began making kind keepsakes as a therapeutic practice. But this healing hobby soon became much more. After a year of creating designs and shipping orders from her spare room, she moved to Pink Positive's first studio in Chiswick and hired her first team member!


It was a time marked by heart, soul and sleepless nights. But it is all worth for the chance to create a thoughtful gift that someone will find beautiful, with the power to create a special moment between two people.

Still at the helm of Pink Positive, Rengin and her small team continue to make and deliver personalised happiness to people. Now with more hands-on deck in a grander West London studio, and picking up more five-star reviews than they can count, her team has also grown to make gifts for the corporate space she was once a part of.