Personalised Bridesmaid Tote Bag

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Personalised Bridesmaid Tote Bag is ready for a destination Hen party. Bridal Shower Tote Bag can carry everything and more. Contrast canvas edging and webbed handles with metal rivets add a stylish modern element whilst adding to the sturdiness of the product. The jute and canvas, ensure this bag is hard wearing and suitable for carrying heavy items. Large Shopper Bag has a luxury fabric in cotton and jute base and is personalised with a name with heart. Large Bag is a great gift for bridesmaid proposal and can be used as a shopping bag in the future.

It can also keep grandma’s knitting accessories or crating tools. This Large Premium Jute will be enough to hold whole family snacks for the road or the weekly shopping!

100% Cotton Top of the Bag

100% Jute Bottom Base of the Bag

Large Bag Dimensions

Dimensions 34 x 36 x 13cm

Capacity 18 Litres

Extra Large Bag Dimensions

Dimensions 38 x 44 x 13cm

Capacity 29 Litres