Pink It! in June for Our 3rd Birthday

Written by Pink Positive


Posted on June 06 2021

Three years ago, in a spare room in London, a thought rooted in kindness and positivity sparked an inspirational idea. That idea has flourished into the dream that is Pink Positive — and we can’t wait to share the next chapter of our joyful journey with you.

The meaning of PINK

Colour plays an essential role in influencing how we feel and the choices we make. The colour pink evokes a sense of the essential values we need for a positive, happy life.

Pink represents kindness, love, femininity and hope. It inspires creativity and evokes feelings of joy, calm and compassion. With its bright, refreshing, nurturing qualities, pink means positive. Through our thoughtful gifts, we wanted these qualities to reach out and embrace you.

To celebrate our 3rd birthday this June, we are proud to announce our new, positivity-soaked range and slogan: Pink It!

Go ahead and pink it!

pink it! is all about recognising negative thoughts or situations and challenging them with a fresh, healing perspective. We all have days when the cons seem to outweigh the pros. pink it! is an everyday way to remind yourself that you’re in control and you can find positive solutions when uncertainty sneaks in.

We invite you to delight and share in the Pink It! movement: if you’re in doubt, do the kind thing and pink it! — pink that uncertain situation by doing what you know is right. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, pink it! i — use the refreshing power of pink to take a break and change your view. When you’re feeling down and struggling to pick yourself up, pink it! — pop a pink filter on your perspective and let the positives flood back through.

Positive Thinking

It’s easy to tell someone to ‘think positive’, but what does that actually mean? Negative thoughts can creep into the mindset of every one of us. It’s hardwired: as prehistoric humans our brains gave negativity the right of way to help us avoid danger. Thinking positively is not always looking on the full side of the glass- this is actually a bit of denial as they call it. Positivity is about acknowledging the problem, looking for possible solutions and putting up a plan to deal or adapt to the unchangeable. It should not be toxic positivity but should help you override any unnecessary negativity in our modern lives and focusing on the good.

Recognise and call out negative thoughts and pink it!

Clear the way for a positive solution and pink it!

Put your wellbeing first and pink it!

Share in our new pink it!  range

You can give the people you care about (including yourself!) a Pink It! pick-me-up with a thoughtful gift from our new range. 

To celebrate our birthday and your new way of thinking, we’re launching an exciting new series of beautiful gifts showcasing the pink it! logo. Designed by Maria Marie Creative Studio and rooted in our usual ethical spirit, the pink it! logo is a gift to inspire us all to be positive, kind, bright and full of hope.


Spread personalised positivity this summer and order your pink it!  products today!