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COVID19 UPDATE: The health and safety of our team is of paramount importance and we are taking this step to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus in our communities. We have closed our studio and reduced our product range significantly so that I personally can make them in my spare bedroom with existing inventory.
This means longer process times, fewer options but certainly a safer shopping.
As for further precautions, we have decided to:
- Employ no-contact policy when handing our mail for delivery. Reduced collection days to twice a week.
- Apply disinfectant on and leave for 48 hours before we open any new inbound delivery.
- Cancel all international inbound and outbound deliveries
- Personally self-isolate as per government advice

%5 of your purchase will help support Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for NHS Staff campaign and will be donated by the end of each month.

Personalised Bags

Get your bride tribe together for planning sessions and boutique visits with the cutest personalised bags over your shoulder. Think bespoke tote bags with modern fonts and your choice of lettering, or keep it simple with choices like Team Bride or Bride Tribe.

Rock the co-ordinated look from day one as you pick out your flowers and finishing touches and be wedding ready when the big day arrives. Not only for weddings, shop Pink Positive's personalised bags for many occasions, from hen party to baby shower.